Non Woven Fabric Roll- Kitchen Swipe Rolls Pack 0F 2 (80 Dry Sheets per Pack)

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Kitchen Towels by Eco hometown- Clean your kitchen in a smart way Non-Woven Kitchen Towels are washable, reusable, and maintains hygiene. They are a must in every kitchen. They are very efficient in cleaning up wet surfaces easily and neatly. Product Highlights Kitchen towel Reusable Absorbent material Reusable Once you are done with cleaning the kitchen you can wash the towels and make it reusable for your next use.  kitchen tools are non-woven. They are highly absorbent and helps in cleaning wet surfaces in kitchen efficiently. kitchen tools have wave patterns that not only changes the look but also works in efficient cleaning. They are made from regenerative forest products and recyclable products. They are very hygienic too. Origami kitchen towels are tough and convenient. They are dispenser friendly and has clear perforation. They lasts for a longer time and does not tear off easily