Eco Hometown ® Hygeine Silicone Storage Refrigerator Reusable 1000ml Food Bags Kitchen Organizer Home Storage, 4Pc(Multi-Color)

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Reusable Silicone Food Bag Are What you need as a great alternative to non-biodegrable plastic bags. Best substitute for plastic containers and Ziploc bags. Saving hundreds of plastic waste every year for each household.




This reusable food preservation bag is airtight enough to protect from leaking out Designed with airtight seal, leak proof vacuum and zip-locked container

The reusable food bag is durable , which can be used for a long lifespan Its versatility fulfils all kitchen needs , fill fish, meat, snacks, lunch, sandwich, marinade etc

Made of 100 percent pure platinum food grade silicone, safe to store snacks, meat, fruits, vegetables, milk and other food you want

Very easy to clean, water it with running water or just throw it in the dishwasher and dishwasher safe

Designed with airtight seal, 100 percent leak-proof guarantee and zip-locked container

The preservation food bag has seal stick to close the pouch and prevent liquid spilling out, which also can keep food fresh for a much longer time

Never again will your food be stale or go bad in a plastic bag

Keep all your food and drink FRESH and antioxidant

Color: Mixed Blue, Green, Material: Silicone

Package Contents: 4pc