Handheld Garment Fabric Steamer Facial Steamer for Clothes and Face

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Safty Instrusction: 1.first, please cut the power and pull the plug to let the machine cool down entirely. 2. Please add the water slowly from the water mouth until it is half full. Please add the clear water into the machine Warm Tip: 1.Please do limit the amount of water within 200ml. The water level must under the maximum water line, otherwise the water may pour out! 2.Please do not add water when it with hot water,or add cold water into it immediately after using. The hot water cannot be mixed with the cold water! 3.Please use the steamer in UPRIGHT position. 4.Please screw the lid on tight Features & details The iron steamer also deeply penetrates the fabric to kill most common germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. Important Parameters The facial steamer is a perfect solution for home or travel. The small design in size makes the steamer perfectly to fit into a suitcase while traveling and the portable garment steamer can also be easily carried away. Capacity: 200 ml, easy, direct-fill transparent tank uses tap water. Incredible heating time is only about 1 minute 40 seconds, up to 15 minutes of continuous steam running USE: Connect the garment steamer power: plug the power cord directly into the power outlet consistent with voltage required; Put the button at the garment or face care position; after heating for about 1 minute 40 seconds, the seam starts to generate. Then you can enjoy the steam. Function: our portable fabric steamer provides a powerful and stable steam, removing wrinkles from your garments, upholstery, drapery and more, without the trouble of using the traditional iron and ironing board. New handheld garment steamer and facial steamer (Colour May Vary) no accessories with box