Eco Hometown™ Fridge Storage Zipper Bag for Fruits and Vegetables, Multicolour - 6 Pieces

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Ideal For Fruits And Vegetables For Keeping Separately Inside Or Outside Fridge. Mesh And Net Fabric For Easy Usage And Washing. Due To Mesh Fabric Air Circulation In Bags. Export Quality Fabric Used . Size- 3 different sizes 2 set Perfect for organizing your fridge in a color full way. This set of 3 all-purpose mesh bags can be used to organize fresh veggies, fruits, onion, almost anything. It's Very Useful and Easy to Use. A must Item for every home. Suitable for rinsing directly, without removing fruits out of the bag. Shalimar Vegetable Organiser Reusable Fridge Bags / Net Bags. Keeps Fridge clean and managed. The Plastic Mesh is So strong that even after years of use the Plastic mesh will remain intact and just like New, And Also Recommended New Latest Trend with gorgeous color combinations quality Food grade Very Strong Plastic Mesh material Direct Rinse - Facility Ideal For Fruits And Vegetables For Keeping Separately Perfect solution for organising any Kitchen cabinet, Fridge or Pantry Net Bags with vents help prolong the life and freshness of the Fruits and Vegetables Durable, Foldable, Washable and Portable Virgin quality and HDPE food grade material