Bottle Cork light (warm white)Set of 2

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To create a festive and romantic atmosphere usb led light string is designed with Fifty pcs warm white led bulbs on 5 meter long copper wire. These dew drop shaped bulbs with high brightness are truly cute and adorable. Copper wire is clean, shiny and flexible that you can bend it into any shape in a creative ways, like wrap it around the trees or the fence in your back yard, decorate your desk, beds, cabinets, patios and many other places. Usb version and waterproof these lights are powered solely by a usb port including usb adapter, power bank or computer. With ip65 reliably waterproof protection, it is portable and convenient that not only for indoor decoration but also for extended outdoor use. ( The USB PLUG part is not waterproof, please keep it from water or rain) safe to use and eco-friendly only 5v output voltage and low current, the insulated copper wire keep the lights at a low temperature, and definitely safe to touch with no worry of getting shocked or burnt. What's more this product is made up of eco-friendly material without containing the harmful substances. Standard trait the light string is made of strong and copper wire, and you can easily bend it into any shape you want without any concern of being damaged. The bulb life is rated at Fifty thousand hours for long-term lighting. Technical details and specifications: powered by usb port light color: warm white shape of led bulb: dew drop shaped bulb material: copper wire string and plastic led type and quantity :Fifty Pcs smd 0603 leds lighting mode: steady on lighting angle : 360° protection rating:ip65 (not included the usb plug and the joint) length of light string : 5m + 6.4ft/2m usb lead wire